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              Welcome to Zhejiang Taizhou Qiangquan Medical & Chemical Co., Ltd. Website!


              Corporate profile
              Located in Xianju South Industry Cluster Area of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Taizhou Qiangquan Medical & Chemical Co., Ltd. was initially established in 1965 with registration capital 15.82million. It is a high-tech enterprise and medium-high pressure liquid phase hydrogenation technology industrialization based with 50 years of experience in medium-high catalytic hydrogenation...

              Methyl Cyclohexanecarbox

              Methyl tetrahydro-2-furo

              Ethyl tetrahydro-2-furoa



              2-Tetrahydrofuroic acid




              Ethyl 2-furoate
              Domestic high and medium pressure liquid phase catalytic hydrogenation one of the largest manufacturers. Has a single autoclave capacity of 500L ~ 3000L, the maximum pressure of 15MPa, the maximum temperature of 250 ℃ various specifications of tank high-pressure hydrogenation unit
              R & D
              R & D: Epoxy resin curing agent, synthetic monomer, pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical intermediates, electronic chemicals, green solvents Other fine chemicals
              Strict and progressive, step-by-step, eclectic, not subject to household registration, time and space constraints, multi-channel, multi-directional introduction of talent, establish "not for all, but for the use of" cited concept, rigid and flexible simultaneously, Guide each other complementary
              Add:NO.3 Chuancheng Nan Road, Xianju, Zhejiang, China P.C.:317300
              Tel:+86-576-87711807/13968488909 Fax:+86-576-87790722 E-mail:tgsb@tzqqpharm.com
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